Friday, November 6, 2009

A Christmas Belen = A pair of slippers

I got off the bus along Aurora Blvd in a hurry not wanting to be late again for work. While I was brisk walking, I felt my right slipper strap snapped--and yeah, in all places--why along Aurora Blvd in Cubao???? Where there are hundreds of people running to catch a bus or walking to cross the other side of EDSA.

I remembered there are couple of stores that displays bargain shoes and slippers along the road. I tried to walk those remaining meters (which feels like eternity, by the way) like a limped dog, dragging my other foot. I felt all eyes on me. So embarrassing!

Finally! I reached the nearest store.

The scene inside the store reminded me of the Christmas Belen.

The man (who I assumed is the father and owner of the store) rushed to me. All I can say was "Manong, step-in nga po." ("Sir, a pair of slip-ons, please") and I sheepishly pointed the bad strap on my right foot. He smiled and asked for my size.

I was in a real hurry that I did not take a closer look at the designs. So I just pick whatever is size 8. I got it for only P85. I handed my 500 bucks and the woman carrying the baby smiled at me and asked the man to get the change fast. He handed me the change and volunteered to throw my ugly thong slippers away.

I am not that jinxed at all!

Or so I thought.

I was already riding the public jeep when I noticed that the slippers I got is a flashy gold in color accentuated with a black circular design on each foot that looks like a cow's eye.

Ha! What a great way to start my day :D

Still I'm thankful someone was there to take me away from embarrassing sitch!

Must be sent from heaven :)