Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Feet!

Look at the resemblance! :D Dada's left foot is like photocopied--miniature version.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

He Hates Water :(

This is a very cute sippy cup. Bought it for only P60.00 from Shopwise. Simple trick to make Tri drink water.

Drinking water is one of my major problems with Tri. He doesn't like it because it's tasteless and colorless. He likes lemon iced tea, though. I am a worried mom. He's had a history of UTI (and this is a very rare case for baby boys). So, I tried experimenting.

Unfortunately, during cleaning time, (as a very OC mother) after washing it, I placed it in his electric bottle sterilizer. 5 minutes later, it looked like a goblet and the little froggy inside had escaped!

Ha! Maybe I should give myself a break from being OC.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy 18th Month Birthday :)

Again, Mommy's late in posting!

Whew! Ain't it quick? My baby just turned 18 months old last Nov 23! Time is moving so fast. He may not be growing fast physically (unfortunately got his mom's genes--ha!), but his brain development, specially in speech, had given me a sense of accomplishment.

Aside from calling me Mymy and my hubby Dada, he's named a lot of stuff at home and some basic commands!

Here's a few:

1.) He calls his bestfriend pillow "byby" (baby).

2.) He says "ta bath" if he wants to take a shower or if it's time for his bath.

3.) He says "ka" if he's hungry (his short term for "kain", Filipino term for eat) and another use of this, if he wants to go outside and play (from "halika" or come on).

4.) If you'll ask him "where are you going?", he'll answer promptly "labas" (Filipino word for "outside").

5.) He calls for "de-de" if he wants milk. (if he wants a full 10oz. bottle he makes it plural form "de-des")

6.) He'll scream "pis" if he saw any bug.

7.) If he hears a ringing sound, he'll quickly grab a phone or a remote control and say "papa" while holdng the phone on to his ear.

8.) He's been using the term "that" (in his perfect American accent) to almost everything he laid his eyes on.

9.) He also learned to say "'to ba?" (this one?).

10.) And just yesterday, he learned how to say his nick. I taught him to say "Tri" if asked "what's your name". He's still learning though. His version of his name: "Tub-ri".

A lot of times he's babbling nonsense. But those nonsense or jibberish talking is music to my ear. Can't wait for him to start asking questions :D

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Feels Like Prison

I haven't blog in a while. 2 weeks to be exact.

I just hate looking at the CT/It guys in the office. Great way to ruin our days--ha! They blocked the blogger and installed the fu***n' Websense that labeled blogger as "Social network and personal sites". Got me off my blogging mood. Too bad the only way I can blog is when I am in the office.


I'll have Tri bite you like this!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ondoy, It's Been a Month

I have blogged about my past experience with Ondoy last September which I wrote real time. It wasn't a good experience, but it wasn't that bad either.

I may have been stuck in the office, slept on my desk, did a double--if not triple shift and got worried sick about my baby and hubby at home during a storm.

I realized that during the time we are inside our office, we are still less unfortunate than the others who got stranded on the road, or trapped inside their flooded neighborhood, or those who are victims of mud slide or got drowned.

Heartbreaking. But we need to move on.

Well, here's the fun part.

Free food!

This was delivered to us after one of my Boss's conversation with our American bosses that we are all starving and stranded and soaking wet. haha!

These are just some of the groceries that my shift manager brought for us. Can't forget how regretful he was, unable to commute from his home to the office because all roads are impassable. But he came the day after. One of the most touching moments! Hmm..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ooooh! He likes it!

Last Sunday, after work, I planned to drop by the mall and look for this baby feeder gadget that I'm a full-time mummy... posted on her blog recently. Found out that there are a gazillion of stock on all SM department stores and Baby & Co..
Even so, I wasn't able to purchase one (ha!). Tried to talked it over with Dada but he thought that Tri is old enough for a feeder (he's 1yr and 5months old). So, I just brought home some melon-mango shake and Tokuyaki.
And boy--he downed two pieces of the tokuyaki and half of the 16oz. melon-mango shake! I can't believe he liked it! I'm a happy mom :D hihihi
But it's not over yet.
Yesterday, I made a sauteed mongo beans with pork, smoked round scad, tofu and bitter-melon leaves (simply called ginisang mongo in Filipino). He liked it. Like it, like it, like it. Dada even added some hard boiled egg on Tri's plate and he ate 'em all! I am so happy. (That's why I don't have any pictures taken, my bad!) Never been this happy with his eating habit.
Gotta google more Pinoy recipes :P

My little devil :D

Took this photo during a black out last All souls day (Nov. 2). So...adorable! Can't help but post it. Sorry, obsessed mom here hehehe

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just When I Had the Time...

After making few calls to my health card company and some clinics around my office area, I finally decided to leave the office around 1:30pm (uh--escape is the better term, sorry Boss!) to go to Friendly Care clinic (Cubao branch) to have an OB consultation regarding my switch of BC (I have discussed about this on my previous post This Is My Dilemma).

I reached the clinic around 2pm and finished the paper works. I asked the lady in scrub suit if it would take a little while for me to get checked. THE CLINIC WAS FULL-PACKED. But the lady said it would only take 30 minutes to start calling the names. I saw I was number 20 or something on the list.

I can wait for 30.

35 minutes...

45 minutes...

1 hour passed...

1 hour and 15 minutes...

I gave up, went straight to the information desk and have my check up canceled. (I need to get back in the office before 5!)

More than one hour passed and they have not started calling names for OB patients. Just when I had the time to pay a visit to a doctor...tsk tsk...bad time.

Anyway, as prescribed by the health officer from our barangay health center, it's okay for me to take the pill on the same day that I should be getting my next shot. I'll take one. Then just maybe go to doctor by Monday--when I have all day to worry about. Won't matter if I wait an hour or so..

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sweet Soul Review

Gotta love this song! I stumble upon this while logged in to So nice to bring back my childhood memories hehe :D

Pizzicato Five - Sweet Soul Revue.mp3

A Christmas Belen = A pair of slippers

I got off the bus along Aurora Blvd in a hurry not wanting to be late again for work. While I was brisk walking, I felt my right slipper strap snapped--and yeah, in all places--why along Aurora Blvd in Cubao???? Where there are hundreds of people running to catch a bus or walking to cross the other side of EDSA.

I remembered there are couple of stores that displays bargain shoes and slippers along the road. I tried to walk those remaining meters (which feels like eternity, by the way) like a limped dog, dragging my other foot. I felt all eyes on me. So embarrassing!

Finally! I reached the nearest store.

The scene inside the store reminded me of the Christmas Belen.

The man (who I assumed is the father and owner of the store) rushed to me. All I can say was "Manong, step-in nga po." ("Sir, a pair of slip-ons, please") and I sheepishly pointed the bad strap on my right foot. He smiled and asked for my size.

I was in a real hurry that I did not take a closer look at the designs. So I just pick whatever is size 8. I got it for only P85. I handed my 500 bucks and the woman carrying the baby smiled at me and asked the man to get the change fast. He handed me the change and volunteered to throw my ugly thong slippers away.

I am not that jinxed at all!

Or so I thought.

I was already riding the public jeep when I noticed that the slippers I got is a flashy gold in color accentuated with a black circular design on each foot that looks like a cow's eye.

Ha! What a great way to start my day :D

Still I'm thankful someone was there to take me away from embarrassing sitch!

Must be sent from heaven :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mommy, Mommy, Look at Me

Yesterday was the start of my week at work after the DST. I just hate it. It means, I'll be running home an hour late than the usual. And when I got home last night, hubby was rushing me to get dressed because he'll be late for his gym session.

Tri and I played the whole time that Dada is not around. When Dada arrived around 9pm, Tri is still up and playing (haha!). I was scolded, of course.

Anyway, while hubby and I are having our late dinner, we let Tri play with his toy horse, Richie. He was screaming happily and hopping around, dragging his toy horse all over the dining area. Unsatisfied, he started lifting the horse and dropping it on the floor followed by his never ending giggle. And if he notices Dada and I talking, he'll either stomp his foot or yell "Ma!" to get our attention. He's been craving for so much attention lately. He is so hyperactive and talks non-stop (well, babble out of this word world). If he feels no one is listening, he'll grab anybody's face or shout jibberish words.

Such an energy for a very tiring and stressful day from work. I felt so exhausted but fulfilled. We finally settled down around 11:30pm. Not a good idea for a midweek activity, hehe :D

Laughing Our As*es Off

Our office celebrates Halloween the same as every other year. Trick or Treating with the employees kids (which unfortunately I was not able to bring Tri), best Halloween costume, best Team theme, etc., etc., etc..

I am not a party person and I would not dare dress myself with something I know will embarrass me someday (ha!!).

So, my friend Hephaestion and I sat quietly, as usual, on our stations and do the normal routine in the office. Another gay friend came and asked us, "Why are you not dressed? What's your costume?"

Hephaestion snapped. Sat straight and pursed his lips. "This is our costume. I am your gay office mate in pink shirt that criticizes your fashion sense!"

That was good. I looked at my attire. The usual green puff sleeved blouse and black skinny jeans. Nothing special. But, I can't help myself but blurt: "And I am the nagging wife!"


That doesn't sound good. But we laughed our as*es off!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Is My Dilemma

I am currently on depo shots. I've been using it for a year now. It is my first option since I am a "no-pill" person (I don't like taking any kind of medicine). But using it is causing me to bloat! And I hate it. I'm bigger today than when I'm still carrying Tri.
My weight has been a big deal with my office mates (ok--some of 'em!). They would greet me in the morning like:
"hey mommy juljul, are you pregnant again?" in a teasing way.
And my usual answer: "No. I'm just big."
Or just like how my batch mate would say: "Girl, reserve your right thigh for me for Christmas. Got a good cheese to match that."
And to this one, my usual answer: middle finger (I'm sorry, not a good example for a mom, I know).
I will blog more of this in the future. But not now.
Back to my little pow wow.
I'm planning to switch to oral contraceptive. My depo shot will wear off this coming weekend and I'd like to talk to an OB before taking in the pills. I need proper instructions and someone professional to discuss the pros and cons of changing contraceptives.
The problems:
1.) My husband does not like the idea of me switching from injectables to pill. He said, I might forget taking it. He feels safer with the depo shot.
2.) Taking pills means a hundred to five hundred bucks a month from my pocket, compared to a hundred pesos in three months with depo.
3.) Preggy feeling will come back (dizziness, nausea, etc.)
1.) Considerable weight gain (GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!)
2.) Hormonal imbalance (which causes spottings, excessive bleeding or no menstruation at all)
3.) Mood swings (Sorry dear, I know you've been my shock absorder. I love you!)
4.) Fatigue (resulting to stress)
1.) My schedule does not fit any OB's schedule around my area and those that are under our company's program. I don't know how I would be able to go see a doctor. I can't afford to be absent from work!
I can't decide. I've been googling the whole day. So far, pills is winning. Lots of complaints with depo. I'll think it over tonight. To moms reading this, I hope someone with a golden heart leave a comment to help me decide.