Friday, October 9, 2009

life is not a tv show

I have been a very big fan of the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 since the day it aired on the Discovery Channel's Travel and Living. I love the show. It is really what I call a reality TV show. I specifically admire Kate--not because she is perfect. We know she isn't. But because I couldn't think being in her place.

It was April of this year that Jon was said to be cheating and seeing a third grade teacher while his wife is on tour promoting her new book (and their 8 children alone with the nanny). It was reported that Jon was seen with her at 2:00am in a local lounge, pictures were taken with her sunbathing on the Gosselin's lawn and the girl's relatives finally telling their side admitting that Jon use to come over at their place and the two will lock themselves like teenagers.

Married couples do have the ups and downs. But this, for Jon and Kate seems to be the final test. After the April incident, stories are starting to pour. It was also reported that while Jon is seeing a much younger girl, Kate is also busy with their bodyguard. Kate denied the allegations, while Jon neither admit nor refuse to share his side of story. Finally, when one of them decided to use the media as an instrument (perhaps to get sympathy from viewers), things went messy. "Dirty" accusations were exchanged. Money and properties got involved. Stashing from their accounts, spending the family fund for shopping, influencing the kids to get rid of the show, breach of contract and all those countless allegations were spread through media. It became a he-said-she-said case now.
It may be hard for both of them, but I believe that the kids are suffering much more than they know. My heart goes to the eight little angels. They do not deserve this kind of family. They do not deserve growing up knowing that the world isn't a TV show that you can call "cut" or "curtain" anytime.