Friday, October 2, 2009

Prayer For The Little Ones

Dear Lord,

The past few days have been very alarming. So sudden. Heart breaking scenes. I did not feel much of the impact of the rain and flood since I got stuck inside our office doing my Saturday shift. I thought I was lucky that I didn't have to face the deadly Ondoy. It broke my heart watching the videos captured by media men. An entire family being carried away by the raging water to the river but get separated when they reached the bridge when they were supposed to be rescued. What's sad about that is that there are two helpless children involved. One 6 years old and one 3 years who is just about to have her birthday. So devastating. The aftermath is much worse. I can't go into details. I just can't help but cry. I could not imagine that happening to us. Not to my little brother, not to my own son. I beg you, Papa Jesus, please don't let the little ones suffer more. Please help the others ease the pain from the previous storm. Please give them strength to carry on. The little ones do not deserve this, if this is a part of the consequences that grown ups need to face. have mercy on the little ones Papa Jesus...