Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Retroing Babies

My late Dad, being a part of a band on his younger years, made sure that we (his kids) would listen to good music. And to him, good music means:

The Beatles

Bee Gees

KC and The Sunshine Band

The Jackson 5

And of course, his all time favorite, Earth Wind and Fire

Me, growing up most of the time with him--listening to him while he alternatively plays the electronic keyboard, his customized guitar that looked like a Les Paul with his own neat signature on it, and his drum machine to the tune of September --I have appreciated real music. The type that you know wouldn't hurt your ear or would not irritate you. Something that even if you turn up the volume way up high, you will still see people dancing. The type of music that will make you say "gotta make this day wonderful!"
Today, I am applying good music to my baby. Retro music has been his latest craze. This is what we have for him:

Hubby got it from his aunt who's in London. The CD was given away free with the British newspaper, "The Daily Mail". It has a great selection of music. My baby loves track #3, 8 and 9 which are the songs ABC, Give It Up and September respectively. These are the same songs me and Papa used to listen.

This is the effect of retro songs to my Tri:

soooo into the cam...

Look at him! So adorable. He was so tired dancing and giggling and jumping all over the bed...