Saturday, September 26, 2009


Great! Just we are stuck in the office. There's a typhoon. We have limited food, single set of clothes, 300 bucks in my pocket and only three of us in our shift. One of our office mates got stuck in the traffic in a flooded street. It's been raining hard since last night and the street are impassable. I am a little thankful because I got in the office a little early not to catch all this b**lsh*t. Some of our colleagues may not be able to make it tonight to take turns with us on the shift which means that we might actually be doing a 24-hour shift today. Just thinking about it makes me want to go to bed...I am tired and burned out...I was pretty much looking forward for tomorrow since it's that start of my day off, but I think I'm wrong. If the weather won't change, I'll be stuck here. I miss my baby already...I miss him so bad! :(