Saturday, September 26, 2009


Great! Just we are stuck in the office. There's a typhoon. We have limited food, single set of clothes, 300 bucks in my pocket and only three of us in our shift. One of our office mates got stuck in the traffic in a flooded street. It's been raining hard since last night and the street are impassable. I am a little thankful because I got in the office a little early not to catch all this b**lsh*t. Some of our colleagues may not be able to make it tonight to take turns with us on the shift which means that we might actually be doing a 24-hour shift today. Just thinking about it makes me want to go to bed...I am tired and burned out...I was pretty much looking forward for tomorrow since it's that start of my day off, but I think I'm wrong. If the weather won't change, I'll be stuck here. I miss my baby already...I miss him so bad! :(

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Retroing Babies

My late Dad, being a part of a band on his younger years, made sure that we (his kids) would listen to good music. And to him, good music means:

The Beatles

Bee Gees

KC and The Sunshine Band

The Jackson 5

And of course, his all time favorite, Earth Wind and Fire

Me, growing up most of the time with him--listening to him while he alternatively plays the electronic keyboard, his customized guitar that looked like a Les Paul with his own neat signature on it, and his drum machine to the tune of September --I have appreciated real music. The type that you know wouldn't hurt your ear or would not irritate you. Something that even if you turn up the volume way up high, you will still see people dancing. The type of music that will make you say "gotta make this day wonderful!"
Today, I am applying good music to my baby. Retro music has been his latest craze. This is what we have for him:

Hubby got it from his aunt who's in London. The CD was given away free with the British newspaper, "The Daily Mail". It has a great selection of music. My baby loves track #3, 8 and 9 which are the songs ABC, Give It Up and September respectively. These are the same songs me and Papa used to listen.

This is the effect of retro songs to my Tri:

soooo into the cam...

Look at him! So adorable. He was so tired dancing and giggling and jumping all over the bed...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love is in the air

For Jelly and Zero4ce

*clipart from

Thursday, September 17, 2009

For my baby

I am so sorry baby...I know Mommy have been so harsh to you. I didn't mean it. Mommy is just too tired from work. Mommy didn't mean to shout at you. I am just frustrated--but not about you. When you grow up you will understand things, baby. I am so sorry. You know I love you so much and your Dada. I'll make it up to you, I promise. I'll see you after work. I miss you so much!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Chernobyl Nuclear disaster (I AM SO STRESSED OUT OF THIS B***H!)

I know that I have been so emotional lately. Not really lately, I think since I gave birth to Tri. I don't understand myself. I rapidly get jealous of people trying to get Tri or Jan or even my friend's attention. If Tri is spending much time with some relatives, I get mad and will ask hubby not to bring baby outside. I even get jealous at Jan if I notice a certain bonding between him and Tri. Then I'll get mad at the world. Not talk the whole day. Not eat anything until my tummy growl so loud I can hear it say "feed me!"

Things have gotten worse the other week.

There was this girl living on the same compound. She is a kin's wife. About a year or two younger than me. She always dress like she's about to go clubbing or malling everyday. She's just a bit taller and contoured compared to me. Though she got pregnant way earlier than I do. She never made it to College, thus limiting her work opportunities. She got stuck at home with her 4-year old daughter, and her in-laws trying to make a living out of selling RTW's, herbal medicine, silver accessories, blah blah blah...

She is what I call "pa-bibo kid" (eager beaver to trying hard combo). Eager beaver, because she's almost offering her entire self to help you out on a certain task, even without you asking her. Trying hard, because 8 out of 10 things she do ends up a disaster. I never liked liked her as a close friend. I like her because she's been helping. She had helped us when we had trouble moving from the province to the city (although it was still a flop!) and whenever Jan has an emergency and needed someone to look after Tri, she can easily be contacted. She is just on the other side of the wall. (isang tumbling lang, and'yan na!).

With her being "one-tumbling away" drives me nuts!

In the middle of the siesta, she will arrive with her ever so talkative daughter. My headache worsen resulting to another Chernobyl Nuclear disaster and Tri, awaken by the noise, becomes grumpy and irritated. As a result, hubby will have enough reason to escape, go to the tambays down the street and tell stories until around dinner time. I will be left with her and her undying stories of her relationship with her husband, how she's surviving it, how many times they fought about something, how she managed to kick his groins, how she made it after she was being violently attacked by--whatever! She is a real life machine gun! I am talkative in a way with my friends but not talkative like her! Holy mother of krills may the big blue whale eat me alive!!!!!!

Ok, even talking about her stresses me. Imagine being with her.

At some point of our lives, while having dinner or lunch or even breakfast or snack, she will again steal the time. Tell the same stories. Add a little spice of gossip about some random guys I don't even know and don't even care.

Mommy-and-Daddy intimate moments are oftentimes disturbed too.

Now, you tell me what's not irritating...

But I'm not yet done.

There was one time that I am so in the mood of cooking pochero. Although i am lacking ingredients, I still managed to get it done. This girl came and asked things (as always). She then asked, "di ba ang pochero dapat may beans?" ("Should you not add beans on it?"). I felt my blood rising to my head. I told myself, "she can't even make a sunny side up! I've been cooking since 10!". But I didn't say that. I just said "I know what I am doing.". And she left.

She also used to tell me what to do and what not to do with Tri. As if she raised her child! She didn't even know how to make her stop crying. What upsets me most is that she spends more time with my baby than her own. It hurt me when Tri saw her, he cried and wanted to come with her wherever she goes. For me, that's a mother's worst nightmare.

Hubby and I talked about it. He, himself was irritated. The reason why he leaves whenever she's around is because of her being "epal" (person who keeps on butting in). My resolution to this, I know it is crazy and unacceptable, but whenever I am on my day off, I make it a point that she won't be able to come in to our house. I'll close the windows and the door so she'll think I am sleeping. I also asked my husband not to ask so much favor from her by looking after Tri. I dont want Tri looking for her instead of me. That's not going to be good.