Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the pacifier

I've been really concern on how Tri's teeth are growing. He's got 8 all in all. His teeth are a little crooked in a way. They don't align well, if I may say. Jan said that his sisters used to have the same kind when they were younger. In other words, he's trying to tell that it is hereditary.

Well, Jan got a point. But I think it's because of pacifiers.

Since I am a full-time employee, Jan and I decided to keep my job and let him do the caring to our little one. Of course, a first time Dad wouldn't know what to do when baby starts wailing and all his tantrums. So, he ended up using the pacifier. Tri got used to it that until now, he still asks for it. Tri's smile is perfect. His teeth are all white and look healthy, but I still am bothered if they're gonna look crooked. I hope not. I'll try to look for a dentist that specializes with babies. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

yeah ..i agree with this..this will helpful for babies...they have to use it..
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