Friday, August 28, 2009

Daddy's sick! Help!

I hate it when one of us got sick. Two days ago, Jan had difficulty breathing. I think it's because he had quit smoking months ago and his body is not adjusting well to it. He went back to his working-out-mode about a month or so. But that didn't help that much and his asthma attack the past few days are just so stressful! I just hate the feeling because I know I can't do something about it. Tri doesn't like when Daddy's sick. He tends to be grumpy and adds up to my stress. However, my baby boy tried to brighten up our day in his simplest way.
"Hello??! Where's the doctor?"
Isn't it cute?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

That is sooooo Tri

My baby boy just can't seem to help but put anything in his mouth!

Tri and Fishy

Tri and Ming-ming

Tri and..well, his foot.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


It's been a while since my last trip back in my hometown in Morong, Rizal. Just thinking of the worry-free and warm environment--well, minus the annoying bugs at night or the noisy neighbor..

I wanna go back to the place where I grew up. I kinda miss our house. During my last visit there, March of this year, it kinda looked like it's been taken for granted. Our old room where we all sleep together (the entire family) is all a mess. I miss the days when my dad and I used to drink coffee and chat on our garage/art workshop/music area/rehearsal place. Hope I've taken a lot of pictures way back...but I didn't. We can't even afford to get one. :(

*photo of the Morong Church, St. Jerome Parish

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the pacifier

I've been really concern on how Tri's teeth are growing. He's got 8 all in all. His teeth are a little crooked in a way. They don't align well, if I may say. Jan said that his sisters used to have the same kind when they were younger. In other words, he's trying to tell that it is hereditary.

Well, Jan got a point. But I think it's because of pacifiers.

Since I am a full-time employee, Jan and I decided to keep my job and let him do the caring to our little one. Of course, a first time Dad wouldn't know what to do when baby starts wailing and all his tantrums. So, he ended up using the pacifier. Tri got used to it that until now, he still asks for it. Tri's smile is perfect. His teeth are all white and look healthy, but I still am bothered if they're gonna look crooked. I hope not. I'll try to look for a dentist that specializes with babies. Maybe.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let me tell you about Tri

Ok, here we go. When I was 16, I told myself I'll have my own baby as soon as I reach 18years old. But it took a little while. And a little risky.

Oct 6, 2007, I found out that I was pregnant through a one-step pregnancy kit. The next day, it rained hard. I don't wanna go to work but my husband, Jan, told me I have to. On my way to the office, I slipped on a mud--butt first. I cried hard--as hard as the rain. I thought I'm gonna lose my then-just-discovered baby. To make things worse, by the time I had my first check up, my OB told me that there is a blood formation on my uterus--just above where my baby is--and it's bigger than the fetus. She said I should not panic at all and she'll take care of everything.

After a continuous treatment, nine months of carrying another weight on my tummy, two OB switching and 50-so-grand hospital bill, May 23, 2008, my husband and I went home with a little angel. We named him Tri (Three as in number 3). He is a "the-third". Now he's one year old and 2 months. Climbing stacked pillows, throwing shoes, scooping the food out of his mouth, calling me "muh-me" and walking on his own. God--makes me cry whenever he flashes his mischievous smile.